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  What is SpiderJump and How Does It Work?

What is SpiderJump?
SpiderJump is the Internet's Smartest Pay Per Click Search Engine

What is a Pay Per Click Search Engine?
Pay per click search engines are now one of the most popular methods of bringing targeted traffic to your website.
Here at SpiderJump, you bid against others to have your site listed first under a search for keywords or keyword phrases relevant to your site.

Tell Me More!
If you have a website, you need visitors. SpiderJump offers you up to 1000 visitors for free (by depositing $10 in your account), just for signing up. After that, you can get visitors to your site for a low as a penny. We start you out with $10 for free with which to bid.

How Search Engines Work - In normal search engines, people type in a keyword or keyword phrase to find a website they are looking for. Normally, the site that comes up ranked first will get the most visits. Remember that $10 that you have in your account? Here at SpiderJump, you'll use that to bid for the top positions. Right now, you can get the number one ranking on most terms for only a penny. And the great thing is that you only pay if someone clicks through to your site. If you've bid a penny on a popular term, someone else may bid $.02 to be number one, and someone else may bid $.03 to be number one. THe highest bidder always has the top ranking. You may choose to bid $.05, $.10 or $.25 to stay in the number one position. However, if you bid a quarter and someone else bids $.26, you'll be number two. Two things to remember... 1) You can be #1 on most terms for only a penny! and 2) your account is only charged when someone clicks and visits your website!

How do I open an account on SpiderJump?
1) Just click on one of the "Add A Site" links or buttons throughout the site.
2) Enter your e-mail address in the box on the next screen and click "Submit".
3) The next screen will say: "An e-mail has been sent to 'your e-mail address'. Follow the link inside it to continue the signup process."
4) Now, open your e-mail program, find the e-mail from SpiderJump and click on the link inside that e-mail. That will bring you back to your browser, to the signup page here at SpiderJump.
5) Next, just fill out the form. Choose a Username and Password that you can remember. Try to think of a password you can remember, but one that's not easy for someone else to figure out. It would be best not to use "password" for your password, for example. Also, your password can not be the same as your username. Complete the rest of the form, please. Click Submit.
6) Then click on "Click to login now", enter your username and password, and you're ready to start bidding on keywords.

How Do I Bid?
After opening an account (it's free, you know, and we even start you out with $10!!), you then log in to your account, select "Manage Your Account", then "Manage Listings".
Next, you'll need to select "Add a Listing".
In the first box, called "Search Keyword:", type in the word or words you wish to bid on. In our example, you'd enter "paper clips". (Without the quotes!).
In the second box, called "Bid ($):" you'll see "0.01" - if you want to bid a penny on that term, leave it as it is - if you wish to bid more, make the appropriate change.
The third box is called "Site Title:" - just enter the name of your site - "Fred's Office Supplies" (please enter the name of YOUR site!)
The fourth box is "Site URL:" - this is your web address of your home page - ours is - this is the page that people will be taken to when the click on the link.
The fifth (and last, finally) box is "Site Description" - Here you have room to talk give a description of your site, particularly as it relates to the keyword you're bidding on. Again, in this case, you'd give a sales bit about your site and paper clips. If you describe your site and your paper clip selection with excitement, more people will click to visit your site.
When you've completed the "Site Description:" - click on the "Add Listing" button.
The next screen will say "Your listing for the paper clip will be added once it's approved (you will receive e-mail confirmation). You can submit another one now if you want:" Of course, if you bid on a word or phrase other than paper clip, your word will appear instead.
This next part is GREAT! Everything you've filled in so far, except for your "Search Keyword;" box, remains filled in. So now you can just enter your next keyword or keyword phrase and, if the description still applies (which it probably will), just click "Add Listing" again. And, then, you're ready to do it again.
There are lots of options, but we hope we've gotten you started successfully promoting your web site the SpiderJump way!
And if you ever have any questions, just jot us a note at, mention your question, and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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